2015 - Under 18s Squad

2015 U12′s Squad Selection

2015 U12′s Squad Selection

Congratulations to the following players selected to represent the South Coast Wolves in 2015 for the Under 12s.







Zander Alston

Sam Alston

Harrison Anagostopoulos

Evan Ball

Thomas Butkovic

Josh Field

Ned Glasgow

Aiden Grbevski

Harry Jensen

Gabriel Krsteski

Tony Krstevski

Jake Lavalle

Logan Mathie

Dane Matthews

Jarvis Patterson

Taylan Skurtevski

Brandan Angelevski – TRAIN ON

2015 - Under 18s Squad

2015 U15′s Squad Selection

2015 U15′s Squad Selection

Congratulations to the following players selected to represent the South Coast Wolves in 2015 for the Under 15s.





Andrew Bova

Kai Calderbank-Park

Phil Cancar

Tim Chapman

Lewis Connell

Luke Day

Bradley Dollin

Caleb Grace

Jack Hooper

Jayden Lloyd

Tane Nunn

Jason Pappas

Joel Starr

Martin Thompson

Wesley Van Kempen – Train On

2015 - Under 18s Squad

2015 U13′s Squad Selection

2015 U13′s Squad Selection

Congratulations to the following players selected to represent the South Coast Wolves in 2015 for the Under 13s.





Jed Ashton

Sebastian Black

Tyson Black

Jayden Calver

Tim Caroutas

Harrison Dennis

Luke Genua

Lewis Grimshaw

Anthony Krsteski

Thomas Main

Mason Mavridis

Oliver Mitrevski

Jake Paine

Luke Paull

Alex Poscoliero

Preston Ridley



Diary of Darcy Madden – Sydney FC Youth in Vietnam

South Coast Wolves’ Darcy Madden is in Asia at the moment with the Sydney FC Youth team playing the Newspaper Cup which is an annual tournament held in Vietnam. According to Madden “the experience has been as crazy as only Asia can be“.

The tournament itself consists of two groups of three teams – the top two go through to the semis and the thirds have a 5th and 6th play off.  Sydney FC had Malaysia u21s and the HAGL Arsenal u19 academy in our group. The academy are the pride of Vietnam and were tipped to win the tournament in what was a tough group.

Darcy and his team mates had only had two days to acclimatise to the humidity and heavy heat before playing their first game on the 19th, against the Malaysian u21 national side. Keeping in mind, Sydney FC fielded a team primarily made up of 15 – 17 year olds. They led 1-0 in to the break with Darcy starting however the heat and humidity took its toll with the Malaysians coming home strong to score two late goals to steal the win in front of about 4,000 people. Darcy commented “I was knackered and actually suffered from hyperthermia for days succeeding the game“. 

Sydney FC then had to follow this up only a few days later on the 23rd against the favourites (HAGL Arsenal u19 academy) who hadn’t lost a game at home in over 5 years. Most of the Sydney FC players had fallen sick in between the games but they managed to field a strong side together and stuck to a game plan. Darcy Madden once again started and was starring until he saw two dubious yellows in the space of 30 seconds. He received one allegedly for time wasting then a second for not entering the field of play properly. Sydney FC went on to hold on to a 2-1 with a goal from another local lad – Lachlan Scott! The match was played in front of 20,000 screaming home fans. What an experience this must have been!

The table was dead-locked as every game in the group finished 2-1. So – they picked numbers out of a hat to send the top two through and as luck would have it, Sydney FC  were unfortunate to draw number 3, effectively ending their tournament. Darcy was suspended for the 5th v 6th play off match however Sydney FC went on to beat Singapore 4-0 in the playoff with Lachlan apparently scoring a bomb.

According to Darcy, “the food here is not so good! It’s just rice, egg and bread!! I’ve lost 3 kilos in a week and we’ve even resorted to getting a team bus to the nearest Burger King to get whoppers to get some sort of meat!“.

Apart from the food, Darcy has also been overwhelmed with the culture and living conditions of the people there. The people living around the hotel the team are staying at are quite poor with lots of people on the streets and lots of struggling people living around the city of ‘Can Tho’ (5th largest city in Vietnam). Darcy and his team have been giving out  Sydney FC gear to the locals that come to watch them train and the people who are helping them out with transport.  Darcy commented “I really wish the team and I could do more but there’s such a variety of overwhelming issues, it’s hard to fix one without distracting from another. So crazy! I can’t see myself coming back to this part of the world in a hurry.”

Darcy is due back to Wolves training soon however the experience will no doubt hold him in good stead for another solid season.

White Wolf – reporting for South Coast Wolves.

Picture – Darcy Madden in action against HAGL Arsenal u19 Academy with another Wollongong lad (Lachlan Scott) in the background.

2015 - Under 18s Squad

2015 – Under 18s Squad Selection

2015 U18′s Squad Selection

Congratulations to the following players selected to represent the South Coast Wolves in 2015 for the Under 18s.





Daniel Arcaba

Dion Avouris

James Bell

Oliver Carrasco

Nikola Djordjevic

Bryce Dolinscak

Mitchell Ferraro

Lee Kizi

Addison Klem-goode

Matthew Mazevski

Joshua Orchard

Nelson Reid

Sam Rose

Dion Sterjovski

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