About Us

We are the SouthCoast Wolves. You may or may have never heard about us but soon you will want to know more after we make our way to greatness. We are a small team of players driven together by the one thing we have in common, love for basketball. In our country, basketball is not as famous as the other sports like cricket, rugby, football, tennis or soccer but it is a widely known sport. We are hoping that one day basketball would pave its way to popularity here in Australia and we can have games just like the NBA of the United States.

Our Humble History

Before we pave our way to fame, it is a must that you know where we came from and where we started. We are from a small town unknown to many in the South Coast of Australia and thus our name. in our town, basketball is the most popular sport which is quite surprising to many because Australia is known for many different kinds of sport except basketball. Anyway, it is I who formed our team. At first, there were just five of us. We used to play with our colleagues on weekends but after a while it got really boring so we made our own team. We started competing and from there we started hosting tryouts for new members.

The Team Today

Today, we are a team of 20 members, 5 major players, 8 reserves, two coaches, 1 organizer and 4 assistants. We have been competing in all kinds of basketball tournaments in the country which we can afford. As of this time, we have three sponsor companies who are helping us out with our expenses and we are hoping to gain more in the next seasons.


Our mission is not just to become a well-known basketball team but we also want basketball to be as popular as football in Australia. We do not just compete but we also host events to train the younger generation in learning how to play. We are trying to instill in them the passion of playing the sport.

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