The Colorful History of Our Basketball Team

Our team traces its beginnings in the rural town of Harrison. What you need to know about our town is, it’s very small. It is a place where everyone knows everyone and everything is news in the neighborhood. We were in high school back then and during that time, we are expected to follow in the footsteps of our parents. In a town that small, there’s only one establishment for each so if you’re dad is a fireman, you are expected to become a fireman too to take his place when he retires. It may sound cliché but it was the honest truth.

So when we, fresh high school graduates expressed our desire to become professional players, it was not accepted well in the community. It’s like living the town to follow your dreams was a crime. Since there are no opportunities for us in Harrison, our small team led by our dedicated high school basketball coach started to scout for opportunities in the neighboring bigger cities. It was really difficult at first but little by little, we started to make a name. It was then that we started receiving bigger sponsorship offers. More and more players have joined our team through difficult try outs since we only want what’s best for our team.

The Team

Today, we the original players serve as the coaches for the team. We have gotten too old to play but we can’t just give up what we have started, not after the team became the city’s official basketball team. No, our legacy must go on. We continue to accept fresh players. We are interested in those who have natural talents in playing the sport and those who are willing to learn and be honed. Even with our population of over 15 players, we do not cease to give them the opportunity.


Today, our sponsors consist of some very big companies who not just provide the needs of the team but they are also sending our best players to universities on full scholarships provided they remain loyal to the team.

Basic Basketball Rules

Basketball rules vary in different countries as most of the games are played differently. Some basic rules are changed to fit with the players and the playing conditions. But the fact remains that the original basketball’s rules are being followed all across the globe. If you are a beginner to basketball or if you want to learn some basketball rules then let us teach you some of the basics.

How to Play the Game

Basketball is a very straightforward game actually. Each team tries to score by shooting a ball through a hoop while members of the other team try to prevent them from doing so. The hoop is often elevated to 10 feet so the taller players are often designated to shoot the ball as they have higher chances of scoring. However, this is not true all the time as there are talented but smaller players who can dunk the ball perfectly and even from far distances.

The game is played in a court with two hoops on the opposite ends, one hoop for each team. The team who gets the most points is considered the winners. Over all, there are four rounds for a full basketball game, they are called quarters. These quarters come in 12 minutes each giving the game a total of 48 minutes play time excluding all the time outs.

The Players

In basketball, there would always be two teams playing with 5 players for each team. Each player has their own designation and role in the game. Having these roles help them work together as a team so they can have higher chances of winning. The first member of the team is called the Center, they are usually the tallest in the team and are generally positioned near the baskets.

The Offensive is responsible in receiving the ball and scoring points for the team. The Defensive is responsible in blocking the shots of the other team. He is responsible in intercepting the ball and passing it along to his team members. Other members of the team are the Forward and Guard.

About Us

We are the SouthCoast Wolves. You may or may have never heard about us but soon you will want to know more after we make our way to greatness. We are a small team of players driven together by the one thing we have in common, love for basketball. In our country, basketball is not as famous as the other sports like cricket, rugby, football, tennis or soccer but it is a widely known sport. We are hoping that one day basketball would pave its way to popularity here in Australia and we can have games just like the NBA of the United States.

Our Humble History

Before we pave our way to fame, it is a must that you know where we came from and where we started. We are from a small town unknown to many in the South Coast of Australia and thus our name. in our town, basketball is the most popular sport which is quite surprising to many because Australia is known for many different kinds of sport except basketball. Anyway, it is I who formed our team. At first, there were just five of us. We used to play with our colleagues on weekends but after a while it got really boring so we made our own team. We started competing and from there we started hosting tryouts for new members.

The Team Today

Today, we are a team of 20 members, 5 major players, 8 reserves, two coaches, 1 organizer and 4 assistants. We have been competing in all kinds of basketball tournaments in the country which we can afford. As of this time, we have three sponsor companies who are helping us out with our expenses and we are hoping to gain more in the next seasons.


Our mission is not just to become a well-known basketball team but we also want basketball to be as popular as football in Australia. We do not just compete but we also host events to train the younger generation in learning how to play. We are trying to instill in them the passion of playing the sport.