Basic Basketball Rules

Basketball rules vary in different countries as most of the games are played differently. Some basic rules are changed to fit with the players and the playing conditions. But the fact remains that the original basketball’s rules are being followed all across the globe. If you are a beginner to basketball or if you want to learn some basketball rules then let us teach you some of the basics.

How to Play the Game

Basketball is a very straightforward game actually. Each team tries to score by shooting a ball through a hoop while members of the other team try to prevent them from doing so. The hoop is often elevated to 10 feet so the taller players are often designated to shoot the ball as they have higher chances of scoring. However, this is not true all the time as there are talented but smaller players who can dunk the ball perfectly and even from far distances.

The game is played in a court with two hoops on the opposite ends, one hoop for each team. The team who gets the most points is considered the winners. Over all, there are four rounds for a full basketball game, they are called quarters. These quarters come in 12 minutes each giving the game a total of 48 minutes play time excluding all the time outs.

The Players

In basketball, there would always be two teams playing with 5 players for each team. Each player has their own designation and role in the game. Having these roles help them work together as a team so they can have higher chances of winning. The first member of the team is called the Center, they are usually the tallest in the team and are generally positioned near the baskets.

The Offensive is responsible in receiving the ball and scoring points for the team. The Defensive is responsible in blocking the shots of the other team. He is responsible in intercepting the ball and passing it along to his team members. Other members of the team are the Forward and Guard.