The Colorful History of Our Basketball Team

Our team traces its beginnings in the rural town of Harrison. What you need to know about our town is, it’s very small. It is a place where everyone knows everyone and everything is news in the neighborhood. We were in high school back then and during that time, we are expected to follow in the footsteps of our parents. In a town that small, there’s only one establishment for each so if you’re dad is a fireman, you are expected to become a fireman too to take his place when he retires. It may sound cliché but it was the honest truth.

So when we, fresh high school graduates expressed our desire to become professional players, it was not accepted well in the community. It’s like living the town to follow your dreams was a crime. Since there are no opportunities for us in Harrison, our small team led by our dedicated high school basketball coach started to scout for opportunities in the neighboring bigger cities. It was really difficult at first but little by little, we started to make a name. It was then that we started receiving bigger sponsorship offers. More and more players have joined our team through difficult try outs since we only want what’s best for our team.

The Team

Today, we the original players serve as the coaches for the team. We have gotten too old to play but we can’t just give up what we have started, not after the team became the city’s official basketball team. No, our legacy must go on. We continue to accept fresh players. We are interested in those who have natural talents in playing the sport and those who are willing to learn and be honed. Even with our population of over 15 players, we do not cease to give them the opportunity.


Today, our sponsors consist of some very big companies who not just provide the needs of the team but they are also sending our best players to universities on full scholarships provided they remain loyal to the team.

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